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New PPC myHomeOnline
What is it? PPC myHomeOnline is the new digital product by PPC that is making it easy for you while offering you exclusive benefits! Now you can enjoy day and night charges under one single fixed fee and no tiered pricing. Additionally, you will be receiving your monthly bill online and you will be able to pay it off easily with a standing order through your credit or debit card.
What benefits do I get?
And an additional 10€ discount for each e-bill until 31/12/20*
* PPC myHomeOnline is part of the new financial relief measure offering a €10 discount to all customers who receive an e-bill. The discount is valid from 01/10 until 31/12/2020.
How do I activate it?
Do you already have an e-bill account? 1. Log in to your e-bill account
2. Activate PPC myHomeOnline
You do not have an e-bill account yet? 1. Sign up
2. Log in and activate PPC myHomeOnline
You are not a PPC customer? Discover PPC myHome online and enter a digital world of convenience and benefits!

Activate it NOW!
Once activated, your contract is valid for 24 months. Any questions?
Electricity Supply Charges
Fixed fee
All night kWh
0,11058 0,50 0,25
All night kWh
(for customers with night meter)

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