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Welcome to PPC myRewards Miles, a new world of rewards by PPC just for you, in collaboration with AEGEAN Miles+Bonus.

  • Earn miles by activating PPC products and services for professionals
  • Pay your PPC business electricity bills by redeeming miles
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Login to myDEI and link your account with your Miles+Bonus account to earn and redeem miles.

PPC myRewards Miles

Earn miles by activating PPC products and services for professionals
PPC bills payment by redeeming miles

The new PPC myRewards Miles service, in collaboration with AEGEAN Miles+Bonus, opens up a new world of rewards just for you and your business! You can now earn miles by purchasing products, acquiring additional PPC service specially designed for professinals, making monthly payments and setting up a standing payment order, or by completing the steps of the PPC myEnergy Coach digital tool. Earn additional miles with your first login to myDEI and connect your Miles+Bonus account to track your history and available miles.

You may also pay your business' bills by redeeming miles.

Miles collection

In order to earn miles, you only need to complete any of the following actions:


Miles redemption

Pay off your business' PPC bill by redeeming your miles.

  • The ratio of award miles to euros (€) is: 300 miles = 1€
  • The minimum amount you can redeem is 1,500 miles per transaction


Miles redemption and miles-to-euro ratio

1,500 miles


4,500 miles


7,500 miles


10,500 miles


13,500 miles




To whom is PPC myRewards Miles addressed?

Residential and business customers (Γ21, Γ22, Γ23) who have registered on the myDEI digital platform are eligible for PPC myRewards Miles. Shared areas, high and medium voltage, rural, municipal, and public tariffs are not included.

To earn or redeem miles, the basic requirement is to connect their AEGEAN Miles+Bonus account to their myDEI account.

Users who are not yet registered on myDEI but register at a later stage will also earn miles for transactions done from 06.06.2023 onwards. All they need to do is connect their Miles+Bonus member ID with myDEI, and the miles they have earned from previous actions will be credited immediately.


What is AEGEAN Miles+Bonus?

Miles+Bonus is the loyalty programme of AEGEAN and Olympic Air. Miles+Bonus members’ loyalty is rewarded with more services and journey essentials so that they can enjoy every step of their trip!

Learn more about Miles + Bonus here.

Do you want to benefit from our partnership but you are not a member of Miles+Bonus? Sign up here.


How do I earn miles via PPC myRewards Miles?

To earn miles through the PPC myRewards Miles, simply perform any of the following actions:

Miles earning options


For the miles you have earned to be credited, you must have subscribed on myDEI and connected your Miles+Bonus member ID.


How do I redeem miles through the DEI myRewards Miles?

To redeem miles, you have to connect your Miles+Bonus member ID to myDEI, (more specifically, visit "PPC myRewards Miles" in the "PPC myRewards" section). You can then pay your electricity bill through the "Supplies" section of the main menu.

When you pay your bill and opt for miles redemption, a list of miles-to-euros (€) conversion ratios will appear.

  • The miles to euros (€) ratio is as follows: 300 miles = €1
  • The minimum amount you can redeem is 1,500 miles
  • The amounts in euros increase progressively in increments of €10


Please keep in mind that the following members are not eligible to redeem miles:

  • members who have not completed their Miles+Bonus registration
  • members of a Together account without the option to redeem miles
  • members who have not registered at least 1 flight with AEGEAN, Olympic Air, or Star Alliance in their Miles+Bonus account or are not Aegean Bonus Visa/AEGEAN MasterCard cardholders with a completed registration


What can I check in the "Recent Transactions" and "Transaction History" sections?

Recent Transactions
The table of recent transactions displays the five most recent transactions related to miles accrual. You can search for a specific transaction by entering the contract account associated with it.

It is necessary to link your Miles+Bonus member ID to automatically credit the miles and display the confirmation symbol at the top of the information field. Until a Miles+Bonus member ID is connected, transactions will appear for the next 365 days, but the corresponding miles will not be credited. 

The recent transactions table only includes miles accrual and not redemption transactions.

Transaction history
In the Transaction History, you can check the total number of transactions you have completed, either for accrual or redemption.

You have the option to search the list based on either your Miles+Bonus account, PPC Contract Account, Address, or Alias Name. Additionally, in the section next to the Search field, you can view the total amount of miles you have earned with PPC.

In the table, you may find and check in detail all the transactions performed as well as their history. The following information is available:

  • The transactions for which you have earned miles with PPC
  • The date on which a transaction has been registered
  • The Contract Account to which a transaction refers (the Contract Account number is not displayed for those transactions that are linked to the user)
  • The miles earned upon completion of a transaction


Can I earn and redeem Miles+Bonus miles at a PPC branch?

Miles can be earned through any PPC channels that participate in the Miles+Bonus programme:

In order to benefit from AEGEAN Miles+Bonus programme, customers must log in to myDEI and fill in their Miles+Bonus member ID in the "PPC myRewards Miles" section. Only then their miles will be credited to their Miles+Bonus account.

Miles redemption isn't currently available at PPC branches. Customers can only redeem miles through myDEI digital platform.


Can I view my total miles balance in my Miles+Bonus Account via myDEI?

To check your total Miles+Bonus miles, visit or the AEGEAN app.


If I purchase a PPC product or service, earn miles and cancel it soon afterwards, will the miles I earned be lost?

The miles you earn when purchasing a PPC product or service will not be lost. However, for the next 365 days, you will not be able to earn miles if you purchase one of these products again.


I have just completed a transaction that offers miles and my balance has not been updated. What went wrong?

Typically, miles are credited within 24 hours. However, if your miles have not been credited within that timeframe, you can reach PPC customer service for assistance at 800-900-1000.

If the transaction has been made from 06.06.2023 onwards, typically, miles are credited within 24 hours. However, if your miles have not been credited within that timeframe, you can reach PPC customer service for assistance at 800-900-1000. Alternatively, you may fill in the PPC form that you will find at the footer of myDEI. Select "here' and then from the "Issue category" drop-down menu, choose "ΔΕΗ myReward Miles" and write down your request.


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