Simple, easy and useful energy saving tips

There are some things about your home energy that you may not know. PPC's tips will teach you everything you need to know about at-home energy efficiency.

PPC myEnergy Tips

Saving energy is up to all of us

Saving energy begins at home and becomes even easier with PPC's myEnergy Tips!

By following our advice, you can reduce your energy consumption and bill costs and lower your carbon footprint by making simple and easy changes to the daily habits that we all have.

This winter, change your heating habits to save money, reduce energy costs, and protect the environment with a few simple steps.


Tips for more cost-effective heating


More energy-saving tips
  1. Rearrange work or office spaces - move workbenches or desks closer to windows to make better use of natural light, reducing consumption from turned-on lights.
  2. Use a microwave oven instead of a conventional cooker because they use less energy.
  3. Don't leave your devices on standby. Many devices, such as televisions, continue to use a small amount of power even when turned off. According to the World Energy Agency, leaving appliances in standby mode wastes electricity equal to 5-15% of your household consumption.
  4. Keep pot and pan lids closed while cooking.
  5. Install outdoor lighting timers in public areas.
  6. Using a pressure cooker instead of a crock pot saves 30-60% on electricity.
  7. Choose a small-capacity electric water heater to reduce the amount of energy required to heat the entire pot of water.


Answers to 5 common questions

What are the benefits of using LED bulbs?

When you replace old incandescent bulbs with new LED bulbs, you get better performance and up to 70% less energy consumption. Furthermore, energy-saving bulbs can last up to ten times longer than standard bulbs.


How can I save energy when using an air conditioner?

Maintain the air conditioner's thermostat at 26°C. When the air conditioner is on, keep the windows closed. Only leave one window slightly open to allow for the necessary recirculation of room air.


What can I do to immediately reduce my home's energy consumption?

One simple way to reduce energy consumption at home is to never leave your electronic devices in standby mode. Even when turned off, many devices, such as televisions, continue to consume a small amount of power. According to the International Energy Agency, leaving electrical appliances in standby mode wastes electricity equivalent to 5% – 15% of total household consumption.


How can I save energy if I have a solar water heater?

The heat loss to the environment and the energy required to heat the transported water can be reduced by insulating the water transport pipes located outside.


What options do I have for saving energy while heating my home?

Installing a heat pump lowers your electricity consumption when compared to using electricity to heat your home while providing the same heating quality as any traditional gas oil or natural gas system heating system.


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