Special tariff
Special tariff
Electricity supply product designed exclusively for public streets and squares lighting    




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Public Lighting

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Product description

It is addressed to special categories of customers, exclusively for the lighting of streets, squares and other outdoor public Regional National Roads

Supply Charges July 2024
Fixed fee (€/month)
Final Supply Price (€/kWh)

The indicated Final Supply Price consists of the Basic Supply Price and the Fluctuation Mechanism charge.

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How are the charges of the Special Tariff Public Lighting shaped by the new realities as of 01.01.2024?

The Supply Charge will result from a fixed component (Basic Supply Price) and a variable component (Fluctuation Mechanism) and will be reflected in the electricity bill as a single price (Final Supply Price). The final price of each month will be posted on our website www.dei.gr by the 1st day of each month of consumption and will be accompanied by a detailed file with information on how to verify the price.

In particular, in the Special Tariffs the charges consist of:

  • The monthly fee
  • The Final Supply Charge, which will include the Basic Supply Charge and the Fluctuation Mechanism


How will the supply charge be reflected on the Special Supply Tariff electricity bills?

Suppliers are required to indicate the final supply price uniformly per month of invoicing in consumption bills relating to the Special Tariff.

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