Now, your business energy becomes "green"

The add-on service guarantees that an equivalent amount of the electricity your business consumes is generated and reserved from renewable energy sources.

  • The first 3 months are free of charge
  • Green energy certificate
  • €3.00/month fixed charge for the first 500 kWh
  • 500 Miles+Bonus miles from AEGEAN
How can I activate it?

I am a PPC customer and would like to activate the service.


Free of charge for the first 3 months for applications submitted by 31.07.2024
Green energy certificate with GreenPass Guarantees of Origin to cover energy consumption
Fixed fee of €3.00/month for the first 500 kWh
Stickers with the GreenPassPro logo for use on your company's premises
Earn500 Miles+Bonus miles from AEGEANupon activation

Choose GreenPassPro to support sustainability and protect the environment

GreenPassPro guarantees that an equivalent amount of the electricity you consume is reserved for you from renewable production by PPC, the biggest supplier* of energy from Renewable Sources in the Greek Market.

Furthermore, we provide you with everything you need to communicate your commitment to sustainable development to your customers, including a PPC green energy certificate, stickers to display in your establishment, and placement of your logo on the PPC website.

Additionally, by activating the add-on service you will earn 500 Miles+Bonus miles from AEGEAN through the PPC myRewards Miles loyalty service on myDEI.

GreenPassPro can be easily added to any PPC electricity product.

The service has a duration of 12 months. Prices do not include VAT 6%. There is a Flat Rate of 0,00200€/kWh (plus VAT) for the remaining kWh of the month.
The promotional "free for the first 3 months" refers to the fixed fee.

*Source: Suppliers’ Energy Mix 2022, DAPEEP. More information

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I want to know more

What is GreenPassPro?

GreenPassPro is the commercial name for the Guarantees of Origin for renewable electricity produced by PPC.

With GreenPassPro add-on service we guarantee that an equivalent amount of the electricity you consume is reserved for you from renewable production by PPC.


What are the Guarantees of Origin?

The Guarantees of Origin represent the property rights of the environmental, social and other characteristics of producing electricity from renewable sources. They are a parallel product of the electricity production from RES and are traded together or separately from the electricity to which they refer.

The environmental characteristics of energy versus the energy itself produced by RES offer the possibility of supplying sustainable energy in any geographical area regardless of the specific area where the energy is produced. 

The Guarantees of Origin produced by RES confirm that the equivalent amount of energy you consume is generated and preserved from RES by a specific Electricity Supplier, in this case by PPC.

The number of available Guarantees of Origin is finite and may vary under normal circumstances because it depends objectively on weather conditions in relation to the number, size and generation capacity of PPC's certified RES plants. Therefore, it is a product of limited quantity.


What is PPC’s Renewable Energy Production?

PPC is one of the largest renewable energy producers in Greece. The installed power of its hydroelectric plants is over 3,000 MW, while the installed power of its wind and photovoltaic electricity production facilities is 200 MW.


If I buy GreenPassPro, will my business' electricity become sustainable?

The electricity consumed by us through the Grid is called "gray" because it is the mixture of electricity produced by different sources (e.g. lignite, natural gas, hydropower, wind, etc.)

By combining GreenPassPro with the electricity programme, we are buying "sustainable features" for the "gray" electricity we consume. In this way we reduce the energy footprint of our household, i.e. carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. At the same time, we support implementing investments in Renewable Energy Sources in Greece.


How will I benefit if I buy it?

Buying the GreenPassPro service is a declaration that your business wishes to operate in a sustainable way that will support future generations! GreenPassPro is a statement and an effort for a greener planet and a sustainable future.

We also provide you with everything you need to inform your own customers about your company's commitment to consume energy from Renewable Energy Sources:

  • PPC Green Energy Certificate
  • GreenPassPro stickers for use in business establishments
  • Display of your logo on the PPC website (the mention of your business on the PPC website as a green energy business is subject to consent)


Combine GreenPassPro with the add-on services by PPC

Discover our add-on services and enjoy multiple benefits!

Feel safe at your business!

Feel safe at your business!

Add-on emergency technical assistance service FixItPro, if you suddenly need an electrician or plumber at your business.

  • €4.0/month with 50% discount for 3 months (by 31.07.2024)
  • 500 Miles+Bonus miles from AEGEAN
  • €300 covered per visit
  • 24/7 service

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