Time for an energy upgrade?

In the specially designed PPC application, you can see in detail the benefits of replacing appliances!

Plus, get a 5-year warranty for your new Bosch, Pitsos, or Siemens refrigerator by completing the 2nd step of PPC myEnergy Coach for the first time by 30.11.2022!

  • Calculate your energy savings and carbon footprint reduction
  • Calculate your investment’s recovery period
I want to know more!

Discover the benefits of upgrading your appliances.

PPC myEnergy Upgrade

Reduction of energy consumption
Reduction of energy costs
Reduction of CO2 emissions
Superior performance of your appliances
Ease of use
Options of smart appliances for even more benefits
Appliance upgrade

Discover the advantages of replacing appliances with more energy-efficient ones through the specialised PPC myEnergy Upgrade application.

You can quickly and easily calculate how much you will save by replacing your old refrigerator, air conditioner, or freezer, how much CO2 emissions will be reduced, and how quickly your investment will be recovered based on consumption reduction, new appliance cost, and the subsidy you received from the Ministry of Environment and Energy's recycle of appliances programme.

In addition, take advantage of our special offer: if you choose a refrigerator from one of our partner companies, Bosch, Pitsos, or Siemens, we will extend your warranty by three years, for a total warranty of 5 years. The procedure is straightforward: enter the PPC myEnergy Coach via e-bill and, by completing step 2 for the first time by 30.11.2022, you will receive the extended warranty voucher.

Visit mybosch, mypitsos or mysiemens, and register your new refrigerator. 

The warranty extension applies to the following product codes:

KGN497LDF (Available from 08.09.2022)


PKNB56XLEP (Available from 22.08.2022)

Your refrigerator must be registered within four months of the date of purchase.

For more information about the products please contact:

Bosch       210-4277500
Siemens  210-4277600
Pitsos       210-4277700

Warranty extension terms & conditions
Files are available only in Greek.
What does the app offer?
  • Calculates your existing appliances' consumption and the total cost savings from replacing them with more energy-efficient appliances.
  • Measures the reduction in CO2 emissions caused by replacing your appliances.
  • Calculates your investment's payback period based on the cost of the new appliance, the reduction in consumption, and the Ministry of Environment and Energy subsidy.
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