All-around heat pump solutions by PPC

  • Consultation on the purchase of a heat pump
  • Collaboration with leading brands of the market, Daikin and LG Electronics
  • PPC electricity product
  • €500 reward as an incentive to save energy
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PPC myEnergy HeatPump

Up to 70% reduction in energy consumption
Heating costs reduced by up to 54% when compared to conventional fuels
Environmentally friendly heating & cooling system
Increased home energy efficiency
Simple and quick installation
Heat pumps by PPC

PPC provides an all-around solution for the purchase of the most efficient heating & cooling system:

  • Personalised recommendations for the type of pump that is best suited to your home, as well as the anticipated financial, energy, and environmental benefits via the specially designed application
  • Cost-effective home suggestions from PPC partners, Daikin, and LG Electronics
  • €500 reward as an incentive to save energy for the purchase of a heat pump by activating a PPC electricity product.


* The reward appears on the electricity bill as "Heat Pumps Reward".

Useful documents

What are heat pumps?

Heating devices based on technology that allows us to transfer energy from a low-temperature room to a higher-temperature room.


Which electrical products can I use in conjunction with a heat pump?

You can pair the heat pump with any PPC electricity product.


What is the PPC reward for the purchase of a heat pump?

Understanding the cost of purchasing and installing a heat pump, as well as its contribution to the electrification of heating & cooling, environmental protection, and increased household energy efficiency, PPC rewards its customers who decide to invest in the installation of a heat pump in their home with a €500 bill credit. The reward is applied to the PPC electricity product bill.


How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps work in the same way that all refrigeration machines do, and they operate on the same principles as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and so on. Their operation is based on the refrigeration cycle, which is a continuous cycle of fluid expansion and compression (refrigerant).


What are the possibilities of a heat pump?

A heat pump can both heat and cool a room. Cooling requires the use of specific equipment, such as fan coil terminal units or underfloor heating.


Can I have hot water with a heat pump?

Yes, a heat pump can also be used for hot water supply provided that the necessary equipment is installed, such as a boiler that works with a heat pump.


I have a solar water heater. Is it possible to combine it with the installation of a heat pump?

By installing the necessary components, the heat pump can be used in conjunction with the existing solar water heater.


How is a heat pump installed?

Heat pumps can be integrated into existing heating pipes to replace the existing heating system. The old oil or gas boiler is removed, and a heat pump is installed in its place. This is linked to the house's heating pipes. It is connected to the house's heating collectors in the case of stand-alone systems.


My home has central heating. Can I get a heat pump installed?

You certainly can. It is sufficient to construct an internal heating pipe network within the residence that connects your terminal units (e.g., radiators) to the heat pump.


Where are heat pumps placed?

Heat pumps consist of an outdoor unit and, depending on the application and your needs, an indoor unit. In most cases, they only consist of the outdoor unit. If the performance of the outdoor unit is not affected by distance losses, it can be installed on one of your balconies or on the building's roof.


What is the size of a heat pump?

In terms of size, imagine it having the same dimensions as an outdoor air conditioning unit. If the house is large, it will most likely be twice the height of the air conditioner.


Are heat pumps noisy?

The noise heat pumps produce while working is minimal and comparable to that of a modern air conditioner.


Are heat pumps cost-effective?

Heat pumps have COPs (Coefficients of Performance) ranging from 4 to 5. This means they use one unit of electricity while producing up to five units of thermal or cooling energy. They also use inverter technology, which results in high efficiency, small size, and low production costs.


Are heat pumps reliable?

Heat pumps are completely dependable machines that run smoothly and efficiently.


What are the environmental benefits of heat pumps?

  • Zero emissions since there is no combustion during pump operation
  • Silent operation (60db)
  • Use of environmentally friendly refrigerants (R32)
  • Very high efficiency


What are the financial benefits of heat pumps?

  • Relatively low cost
  • Short payback period of 2-4 years, depending on the installation
  • Reduction of heating costs up to 65%
  • Reduction in annual maintenance costs of the heating system since the pumps do not require annual maintenance
  • No initial budget for annual heating costs is required as with a conventional system
  • Minor changes in operating costs since they use electricity



What are the technical benefits of heat pumps?

  • Easy and quick system installation
  • Wide range of applications for all user needs and residence requirements
  • One of the most important benefits of heat pump installation is an increase in the energy efficiency of the home without replacing the existing terminal units
  • The installation of a heat pump heating system is ideal in cases of house renovation and/or boiler replacement
  • Their ergonomic and compact design requires minimal installation space
  • The heat pump can be integrated into existing heating pipes, reducing installation costs as it does not require the construction of a new heating network (depending on the case), and adding significant value to your property
  • Possibility of heating and cooling with the same unit if the house system is also suitable for cooling
  • Possibility of combining operation with a solar water heater for more cost-effective hot water usage
  • Built-in compensation function, resulting in a more cost-effective heating system
  • To achieve zero heating costs, the heat pump can be combined with the installation of a photovoltaic system in the house


PPC myEnergy Coach

PPC myEnergy Coach: the expert consultant with solutions for energy saving!

PPC myEnergy Coach: the expert consultant with solutions for energy saving!

  • Keep track of your consumption
  • Examine your appliances' energy consumption
  • Learn how to save energy effectively
  • Find an energy consultant at a PPC branch or contact the call centre
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