Electricity supply products exclusively for agricultural activities
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Agricultural GAIA

Fixed supply charge for the first 2 years
Option to select tariff depending on your supply category
Product description

The new agricultural products GAIA are only available to farming activities that serve and contribute in some manner to the production of primary crops and livestock products.

They are valid for 10 years and include a fixed charge for the first 2 years of the Electricity Supply Contract. More specifically:

For the first 2 years, a fixed price applies to all usage

  • Holders of agricultural electrical supplies* who participate in cooperative programs or practice contract farming and have no outstanding debts
  • Other holders of farm power supplies with no outstanding debts
  • Holders of agricultural power supplies of cooperative schemes or contract farms with resolved arrears
  • Other farm power supply holders who have settled their debts

For the next 8 years

  • For 1/3 of consumption, a fixed price will apply to all categories
  • For 2/3 of each supply's power consumption, any tariff chosen by the customer among those available at the time and in conformity with the technological methods of metering in place will apply

Choose the GAIA agricultural product you desire, and you will be guaranteed a fixed supply charge for the first 2 years! Submit your application on the platform by 31.10.2024.

* The actual quantity for 1/3 will be calculated using the current technical metering techniques.

Supply Charges
Useful documents

Who is eligible for the Agricultural GAIA products, and what are the requirements?

The new Agricultural GAIA products are only available for agricultural supplies with Low and Medium Voltage, as per Ministerial Decision No. ΥΠΕΝ/ΔΑΠΕΕΚ/38648/1011 (ΦΕΚ Β/2214/11.04.2024). More specifically, they are designed for:

  • Producer Group / Producer Organization / Producers Association / Interbranch Organization
  • Agricultural cooperative /Compulsory cooperative / Association of compulsory cooperatives / Joint venture
  • Legal persons and sole proprietorships involved in contract farming in 2023
  • Professional farmers

In addition, there must be no outstanding debts up to 31.12.2023 or have been settled, per the Debt Settlement Program offered by PPC.

If there are overdue debts from unpaid electricity consumption bills up to 31.12.2023 and you wish to activate the new products, then these should be included in the Debt Settlement Program suitable for you (available on our website).


How can I activate a GAIA agricultural product?

To activate a GAIA agricultural product, you must apply on the online platform (in Greek) and provide the appropriate documentation, as described in detail on dei.gr.


What documents do I need to provide?

You must complete the Solemn Declaration (in Greek), digitally certify it through gov.gr, and submit it to the PPC's online platform, here (in Greek).

If there are any debts, you must first make the necessary settlement; you need to fill out the relevant Solemn Declaration (in Greek).

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