For professionals and businesses with increased consumption needs  
  • No adjustment clause
  • No binding contract
  • Subsidised by the State
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Γ22 Business

No adjustment clause
No binding contract
Product subsidised by the State
Product description

Low-voltage business electricity supply product without time commitment, made for use in offices, stores, medium-sized craft industries, etc. It is granted to units with a maximum installed capacity of 25 kVA.

Product Γ22Β has been assimilated to product Γ22.

Supply charges for units with an installed capacity of ≤ 35KVA
Supply charges for units with an installed capacity of > 35KVA
Useful documents
Answers about energy

Is the PPC bill discount still in effect?

The company's commercial and discount policy is in fact changing, adapting to new energy market situation as a result of the recent ministerial decisions. In the context of these new conditions, the largest amount collected in the Energy Transition Fund for the subsidy of all consumers, regardless of supplier, comes from PPC, as provided for by law on the basis of the company's specific characteristics.


What is the Energy Transition Fund?

It is a fund set up by the State, intended to compensate consumers for increases in energy bills caused by sharp market fluctuations. PPC makes the largest contribution to the fund, which is used to subsidize all consumers, regardless of their energy supplier.


How does the new situation influence the final price of energy rates? Are the new tariffs fixed priced as of 01.08.2022?

The Final price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) is the Initial nominal price of each energy company's kilowatt-hour minus the State Subsidy from the Energy Transition Fund. The new tariffs set to go into effect on 01.08.2022, are not fixed because the nominal kilowatt-hour price changes every month.


Combine Γ22 Business with the add-on services by PPC

Discover our add-on services and enjoy multiple benefits!

Feel safe at your business!

Feel safe at your business!

Add-on emergency technical assistance service FixIt Pro, if you suddenly need an electrician or plumber at your business.


  • €4.0/month with 50% discount for 6 months (by 28.02.2023)
  • €300 covered per visit
  • 24/7 service

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