PPC myEnergyCoach: your digital consultant with solutions for energy saving!
  • Consumption tracking
  • Device energy analysis
  • Effective energy savings tips
  • Personalized energy saving tips
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PPC myEnergyCoach

Consumption tracking and evaluation
Consumption comparison with similar households/businesses
Consumption allocation to household/professional electrical appliances
Personalised proposals for energy saving
Illustration of the energy and financial advantages of replacing electrical appliances

PPC myEnergy Coach is the digital energy-saving advisor that helps you to:

  • monitor the electricity consumption in your household or business and how it is shared between your electrical appliances
  • get personalised advice and suggestions to save energy and costs
  • discover the energy and economic benefits of replacing your old appliances with modern and energy-efficient ones

What does it offer?

  1. It analyses the energy consumption of your home appliances and compares it with your most energy-efficient neighbour
  2. It enables you to set an energy saving target and provides you with personalised advice to achieve it
  3. It enables you to calculate the savings you can have by replacing your electrical appliances

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