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MyHome Enter

MyHome Enter

PPC myHome Enter - The new basic residential electricity product

New features for new contracts from 3/12
What is this product?
PPC myHome Enter is the new electricity product that offers you lower energy charge & single fixed fee, clear, simple and transparent pricing with no tiered billing.

Choose the PPC myHome Enter for your home & benefit from:

  • Lower energy charge * with no tiered billing & no minimum charge.

  • Single fixed fee.

  • Simple & clear billing with no hidden charges.

  • Transparency due to the new fixed prices, with no adjustment clause (ΟΤΣ) and no CO2 clause.

  • 5% consistency reward.

  • Additional 2% discount with the activation of a standing bank order.

How do I activate it?
Do you already have an e-bill? 1. Sign in to your e-bill
2. Activate PPC myHome Enter
You do not have an e-bill yet? 1. Subscribe to e-bill
2. Sign in and activate PPC myHome Enter
New Contracts Discover PPC myHome Enter, the new basic residential electricity product!

Activate it NOW!

New CallBack service If you wish to activate it by phone, we WILL call you back through our new CallBack service. Find out more
You can activate the new myHome Enter at PPC stores as well or by calling at 800-900-1000 free of charge!

Supply charges

Energy charges
Fixed Fee
All day kWh
0,18000 3,0
All night kWh
(for customers with night meter)

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