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Green Pass: New add on service

Green Pass: New add on service

Now your electricity becomes green.
What is GreenPass? Green Pass is a new add on service by PPC, the biggest supplier* of energy from Renewables in the Greek Market, which guarantees that an equivalent amount of the electricity you consume is reserved for you from PPC’s renewable production.

It can be easily added to all types of electricity bills. By choosing it, you receive a paperless invoice
that is the ideal choice for those who are environmentally conscious.

Choose GreenPass and support sustainability and protect the environment.

Activate it now at a cost of 0,80€/month and get the first 3 months for FREE

Price does not include 6% VAT
Φυσικό Αέριο
How do I activate it?
Do you already have an e-bill? 1. Sign in to your e-bill
2. Activate GreenPass
You do not have an e-bill yet? 1. Subscribe to e-bill
2. Sign in and activate GreenPass
Activate it NOW!
Once activated, your contract is valid for 12 months.  
Any questions?
GreenPass is the commercial name for the Guarantees of Origin for renewable electricity produced by PPC.

Through the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, GreenPass sets aside energy generated by PPC renewable energy power plants equal to the amount consumed by your household.
A Guarantee of Origin (GO) is a tracking instrument defined in article 15 of the European Directive 2009/28/EC. A GO labels electricity from renewable sources to provide information to electricity customers on the source of their energy. Guarantees of origin are the only precisely defined instruments evidencing the origin of electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

In operation, a GO is a green label or tracker that guarantees that 1MWh of electricity has been produced from renewable energy sources. Guarantees of origin are traded. When a company buys guarantees of origin, as documentation for the electricity delivered or consumed, the guarantees of origin are cancelled in the electronic certificate registry, which for Greece is DAPEEP. This single standardized instrument makes it possible to track ownership, verify claims and ensure that guarantees of origin are only sold once and that there is no double counting.

In their most accomplished form, guarantees of origin are issued electronically for a controlled quantity of electricity generation (1 GO per MWh), unique, traded and redeemed (i.e. used) by suppliers as evidence to their customers of the quality of the delivered electricity.

Each GO provide the following information:

  • a unique certification number
  • the issuer
  • the quantity of energy
  • the renewable source
  • the facility of production
  • the period of production
PPC is one of the largest renewable energy producers in Greece. The installed power of its hydroelectric plants is over 3,000 MW, while the installed power of its wind and photovoltaic electricity production facilities is 200 MW.

The electricity that reaches our homes through the Grid is "gray", because it is the mixture of electricity produced by different sources (e.g. lignite, natural gas, hydro power, wind, etc.)

By buying the GreenPass we are essentially buying "green features" for the "gray" electricity we consume in our home. In this way we reduce the energy footprint of our household, i.e. carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and at the same time we support the implementation of investments in Renewable Energy Sources in Greece.

By purchasing GreenPass you make a statement that your household supports sustainable living! the only path that will secure a liveable future for the generations to come!

The contract may be cancelled at any time one month after it has been activated, at no extra charge.

*Source: Suppliers’ Energy Mix 2020, DAPEEP. For more information

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