Fixed energy rates and many more benefits!
  • 50% discount on the fixed fee for the first 6 months for applications submitted by 28.02.2023
  • Emergency technical assistance integrated into the product
  • GreenPass service provided by default
How can I activate it?

Choose myHome Enter+ and take advantage of exclusive benefits.

To activate it, please contact us in one of the following ways.

PPC myHomeEnter+

50% discount on the fixed fee for the first 6 months, for applications submitted by 28.02.2023    
Fixed energy supply rates
Εmergency technical support service for your home integrated into to product
GreenPass provided by default
2% discount with the activation of a standing bank order
5% consistency discount on supply charges
Product description

PPC myHome Enter+, a 12-month home electricity product that offers fixed energy supply rates. Both GreenPass service and emergency technical support service for your home, provided by a plumber, an electrician, a locksmith, and a glass technician, are integrated into the product.

The amount covered is €100 per visit and involves the cost of visit/repair and any needed spare parts. The service includes 5 visits in total per year: up to 2 for a plumber, an electrician, and a glazing technician and up to 1 for a locksmith.

In case of an emergency that requires a plumber, an electrician, a locksmith, and/or a glass technician:

  1. Contact us on 210-3497079, 24hours a day
  2. Provide the information required
  3. A technician will get to your property, as soon as possible


  • Discount applies to new customers or PPC customers with Γ1 or Γ1Ν products.
  • Find any information on the exact framework of the emergency technical support, on the Special Terms of myHome Enter+ as well as the General Terms of Group Insurance.
Supply charges
0.56100 €/kWh
Fixed fee
5.5 €/month
for customers who own a night meter
0.48500 €/kWh
Fixed fee
Useful documents

What specialties does the emergency technical service cover? And how many times can I use the service?

It covers 4 specialties:

  •  Electrician
  •  Plumber
  •  Glass technician
  •  Locksmith


You can use the services of the Insurance Plan up to a total of five (5) times for each annual Insurance Period. Specifically, up to two (2) times for a plumber, electrician and glass technician, and one (1) time for a locksmith.


What should I do in case of an emergency?

  • You should call Εurop Assistance’s call centre on 210-3497079, which operates 24/7.
  • State your full name, your Contract Account Number as indicated on your electricity bill, your property address, a contact number and a short description of the incident.
  • Europ Assistance’s specialized partner network will ensure the immediate provision of emergency technical support services at your home, after notifying you.
  • During the visit at your property, the technician is required to present their identification and you are expected to present your electricity bill, on which the Contract Account is stated.


In which cases can I call for emergency technical support?

The incidents covered, should concern the following cases:

  •  Damage of the fixed electrical installation of the Insured Home.
  •  Damage of the fixed plumbing installation of the Insured Home.
  •  Glass breakage on exterior doors or windows.
  •  Damage of the main entrance lock of the Insured Home.


See here (in English) and here (in Greek) for the detailed insurance coverage concerning the emergency technical support.


Does the emergency technical support service covers all regions of Greece?

Yes. But, in cases where the property is located in remote areas, far from urban or semi-urban areas, after a consultation with Europ Assistance’s call centre, you will be able to call a technician in your area and Europ Assistance will cover the cost up to 100€. For these special cases, you shall follow the special instructions provided by Europ Assistance.

What is the amount covered for damage repair?

The amount shall be up to €100 per house call, including the technician’s travel costs, their work pay and the materials used for the repair.

If the damage requires a higher cost to get resolved, then the technician will either make all the necessary repairs immediately in order to temporarily restore the damage or will fully restore it, with your consent to cover the extra cost.


When does the emergency technical support product is activated?

For new customers, the Insurance Coverage starts 10 days after the electric meter starts counting representing by PPC. For existing customers, the emergency technical assistance starts from the date of the product's activation and expires if the electrical supply Contract between the Customer and the Supplier is terminated or cancelled for any reason.

What happens when my contract of myHome Enter+ product expires?

After your contract expires, you will be transferred to the new variable-priced product PPC myHome Open, with the associated terms and charges. PPC myHome Open will be available on 01.10.2022. The product's terms and charges can be found here, and you reserve the right to change supplier and/or product.


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