Sustainable Development

Main Pillars

PPC focuses on the three pillars (ESG) of sustainability, integrating its social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

PPC focuses on three main pillars (ESG):

Protection of Environment - E

We operate responsibly with regard to the environment and the use of natural resources. We have pledged to undertake actions and develop initiatives to protect the environment and reduce our environmental footprint. In the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Agreement on Climate (2015) and the European Green Deal (2019), monitoring international developments, improving the Group’s environmental performance and identifying the risks and opportunities arising from climate change, are all key areas for enhancing our environmental policy.

PPC supports and adopts a pro-active approach to environmental challenges.
It spares no efforts in undertaking initiatives to further promote environmental responsibility and encourages the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies aiming to achieve the energy-green transition.

Significantly, PPC’s environmental strategy has been harmonized with the European Union’s and the Country’s ambitious mid-term and long-term goals for achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Care for Society and for People - S

PPC acknowledges the important multiplying effect of social capital (social capital builds trust and cooperation); invests in and provides incentives for its development and magnification.
PPC recognizes the significance of its long-standing relationship with and impact on local communities through the years, and in extension, on the ecosystem in which it operates.
It takes into consideration that, more often than not, the majority of local community members are connected to the Group through employment, either directly or indirectly.
Therefore, it pays attention to and respects, co-operates, communicates, consults, works with local communities, and the Civil Society at large, to co-develop and co-create, as far as possible, actions, investments and decisions that may affect the rights, the quality of life and the economic growth and progress of these communities or the communities that are supported by such actions.

The Company respects and supports the internationally proclaimed human rights and implements policies of fair compensation, meritocracy and equal opportunities for all staff members without discrimination, respecting diversity.
At the same time, it provides opportunities for development through ongoing training and the systematic evaluation of human resources, the application of acquired know-how in new activities, and endeavours to contribute to the national goal of retaining skilled workforce in the country and repatriating experienced executives who left during the crisis (brain gain).
Providing a healthy and safe working environment is of highest import to the Company on its way to ranking among the top employers coveted by job seekers.

Economic Development and Governance - G

The Company aims to achieve positive financial results, and adopts and implements best practices of corporate governance to continually improve the efficient operation of the Company for the benefit of its shareholders and those with legitimate interests in its activities, enhance the long-term economic value of the Company and promote corporate interests in general.

The Company has adopted and implements a series of policies and rules ensuring the suitability of Board Directors, the proper operation of Board committees, transparency, building relationships of trust with investors and tightening the Internal Audit System, as well as all internal check and control mechanisms and procedures, including risk management, internal audit and compliance, in order to cover every corporate activity on an ongoing basis and contribute to the company’s safe and efficient operation.

Furthermore, through the Ethics & Compliance program and the revised Code of Conduct, the Company seeks to build a business culture based on the values of business ethics.


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