Sustainability Policy

We are committed to monitoring and evaluating ourselves against international ESG criteria and standards (Environment - Social - Governance).

Creating shared value

We are implementing a Sustainable Development Policy that contributes to the strengthening of the company and the development of the Group in Southeast Europe, as well as to the national energy transformation of the country through a just transition in the framework of the Green Deal.

PPC's Sustainable Development Policy is the basic framework of the Company's commitment to the continuous effort to improve the economic, environmental and social value it creates, for those with legitimate interest in its operation, as well as for society as a whole.

PPC's strategic philosophy is "Creating Shared Value", in other words the creation and measurement (total value) of shared value between the company, society and the environment, which will result from the transformation of the value chain and operation of the company, and the shaping of a new corporate culture, guided by Sustainable Development and the principles of the circular economy, where applicable. 

To this end, we approach Sustainable Development in full alignment with our business model and its transformation needs, investing in integrated, innovative and high-quality services and products, creating a better working environment and mutual benefit relationships, based on economic growth (Profit), environmental care (Planet) and social welfare (People). 

PPC, the Company that has played a leading role in the development of our country over the last 70 years, is in constant alignment with best international practices and trends.

It closely monitors global developments, challenges and commitments undertaken by our country, and aspires to become a pioneer in its sector in Southeastern Europe with the aim of becoming an example of sustainable development for the wider region.

It develops, integrates and progressively implements a Sustainable Development Policy that contributes to

  1. the strengthening of the Company
  2. the national energy transformation of Greece through a just transition in the context of the Green Deal, and
  3. the expansion of the Group into Southeastern Europe.

The aim of the Sustainable Development Policy is for PPC to be a point of reference for employees, who either work for PPC or would like to work in a company that operates on the basis of the principles of the Sustainable Development Policy applied by the Company. At the same time, attracting more investment capital and investors to boost the plan for the transformation of the company is yet another target.

In this context, PPC is committed to monitor and be evaluated against international ESG criteria and standards (Environment - Social - Governance), with the ultimate goal of ensuring transparency and informing all stakeholders (including financial institutions) about its performance on climate change and sustainable development issues.

PPC is laying the foundations for the integration of the Sustainable Development Policy also at Group level, with the gradual harmonisation and adoption of the principles of this Policy by its subsidiaries.

Finally, PPC, based on best practices in terms of transparency and self-commitment of organizations on Sustainable Development and Responsible Business issues, prepares on an annual basis a Sustainable Development Report, based on international standards, which includes
(a) the Group's strategy in the field of Sustainable Development, based on the analysis of material and other identified Sustainable Development topics, opportunities and risks linked to the Group's business model and in relation to the environment in which it operates,
(b) the programmes it implements,
(c) their outcomes,
(d) the commitments it has made,
(e) the objectives it has set, and
(f) the data/indicators it is obliged to monitor and disclose in order to inform all stakeholders in a fully transparent, reliable, consistent and continuous manner for the coming years.  

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