Press Release - 22.03.2018

Increase of Hydro Generation

PPC S.A. informs that, due to continued increased inflows to the Reservoirs of its Hydro Power Plants, combined with the already high level of water reserves, deem it necessary that Hydro Generation is significantly increased in the current period. 
Specifically, the water reserves in our Reservoirs are at the level of 2960 GWh, an increase of approximately 18.5% compared to the average of the 2015-2017 period (approximately 2,497 GWh) and approximately 16.2% compared to the statistically maximum acceptable levels of the period (approximately 2,546 GWh). 
PPC S.A. will cooperate with the Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO), pursuant to the Codes for System Operation and Electricity Transactions, in order to continue the increased Hydro Generation. 

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