Press Release

New commercial policy with significant benefits and rewards for LV and MV consumers


• Consistent customers will not pay the fixed charge: the double amount of the fixed charge is returned to them

• New Reduced Business MV and LV Tariffs

• New particularly competitive Tariff to Corporations and Groups of Companies with National Network

PPC announces today significant financial benefits to LV and MV consumers with the application of the new tariff policy but also with the reward programme for consistent residential consumers.
PCC’s new tariff policy follows the contemporary tendencies of the retail market and is designed with such way so as to respond to consumers’ needs through the new discount policy and the creation of new tariff products addressed to corporations and groups of companies. Also, it inaugurates the new reward programme applied to residential customers who are consistent in the payment of their bills.

PPC’s Chairman & CEO, Mr. Manolis Panagiotakis made the following statement regarding the new tariff policy:

“Today, the Public Power Corporation is making one more significant step towards the implementation of its commitment towards its customers referring to the reduction of the energy cost, as well as the support to our fellow citizens who suffer from the economic crisis. Within the framework of redefining the relations between PPC and consumers, the Corporation decided substantial reductions in its business tariffs in Low and Middle Voltage supporting the country’s productive fabric and economic development. So, following the favorable installment plan decided two months ago, we announce today new, contemporary, reduced commercial and corporate tariffs. Also, we feel the need to reward as far as possible those customers who, despite the difficult period, paid and continue to pay their bills consistently. When the majority of those customers pertain in the grassroots classes, then our responsibility and the sense of duty are even bigger.

I would like to point out that if people, who can pay and they do not, were consistent to their obligations then there would have been bigger possibility to provide even better tariffs and rewards. This effort will continue even more intensively and soon we will have positive results. With the electricity market to pass from the transitional period into the new era, PPC remains actually a factor that guarantees the country’s stability, development and social solidarity.”

PPC’s new tariff policy

Α. Creation of a new Corporate Tariff

PPC has planned a new tariff under the name of “Corporate Tariff” with particularly competitive charges provided to large size businesses and Groups of companies with various customers’ service centers within the whole country.

Β. MV Customers

Expansion of the particularly competitive ΒΜ1 and ΒΜ2 tariffs addressed to major commercial and industrial businesses with annual consumption beyond 13GWh per power supply and to power supplies with annual consumption more than 10GWh, as well reduction to the rest of the ΒΓ, ΒΥ and ΒΧ tariffs.

C. LV Customers

Following the substantial reduction of Γ21 tariff in July 2014 addressed mainly to businesses, such as shops, laboratories, small and medium-sized enterprises, office buildings, today, the Γ22 tariff is also reduced for commercial and industrial customers with capacity more than 25KVA.
The new “Corporate Tariff” will be available from the 1st of September 2015 while the reductions in MV and LV tariffs will be applied from 1st of October 2015.

D. Consistent Customers’ Reward

PPC returns the double amount of the fixed charge in each “ACTUAL” Bill within 2016, that is, to all those who have paid the Actual Bills in 2015 within the deadline. With this way, the Corporation returns approximately €30,000,000 to its consistent consumers.
In general, with its new commercial and tariff policy, PPC returns more than €80,000,000 in total to its customers, rewarding the consistent residential consumers and supporting small, medium-sized and large enterprises that contribute to the maintenance of jobs and the country’s economic development under difficult circumstances. 

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