Press Release - 22.03.2012

Comments on Press Reports regarding PSOs


                                                             PRESS RELEASE

Following recent press reports regarding Public Service Obligations (PSOs), it is clarified that, in the case of PSOs charges for 2012, PPC -as is the case also for other electricity suppliers- is obliged to apply the charges defined in the Decision 1527/2011 of the Regulatory Authority for Energy, in accordance with articles 55 and 56 of the Law 4001/2011.
Public Service Obligations (PSOs) include the following:

- Electricity Supply to the residents of non-interconnected islands at the same prices as those to mainland residents, despite the fact that the energy generation cost is a lot higher in the islands

- Electricity Supply at low prices to large families

- Electricity Supply at low prices to vulnerable customers who are eligible for the Social Residential Tariff.

Athens, March 22th, 2012

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