Press Release - 08.09.2011

The tender for the biggest photovoltaic project in the world is lead to its final phase.


                                                                   PRESS RELEASE

With the present decision of the Board of Directors, PPC S.A. has forwarded the tender for the biggest photovoltaic park in West Macedonia with capacity of 200MW to the second and final phase.

More specifically, the Invitation for Binding Offers will be sent to the 15 groups that were chosen from the previous phase of the tender regarding the selection of strategic partner for the following three obligatory actions:

1. The construction, operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic park with capacity of 200MW in West Macedonia.

2. The construction and operation of photovoltaic systems power plant in West Macedonia.

3. Other energy and technology actions in West Macedonia.

The selection of the strategic partner will be realized on basis of the most economically advantageous offer in accordance with the total marking of each offer. The goal for the submission of the final offers is set for the beginning of 2012 in order to select the contractor and to begin the construction in the following summer.

The project will be developed within the area of 520 hectares in the Lignite Center of West Macedonia. It constitutes an investment that will reach the total amount of €500 million. Its pure electricity generation is foreseen to cover the needs of 55,000 households, while its operation is estimated to contribute to the prevention of CO2 gas emissions up to 300,000 tn annually. At the same time, the construction unit of photovoltaic systems will contribute and increase significantly the national added value to the project creating 500 employment positions during the construction period (2 years) and 200 new permanent job positions during its operation.

Athens, 8th September 2011                                                             FROM THE PRESS OFFICE

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