Press Release - 01.03.2010

No tariff increases-Comments on press article

With respect to an article published (1.3.10) referring to adjustments of the tariffs charged by PPC S.A., the Company clarifies the following:

-The present Management of PPC has not put forward any request for tariff increases, in light of government's decision to keep tariffs of state-controlled companies frozen for 2010.
-Based on the relevant Ministerial Decision (dd 30.11.2007), PPC submitted to RAE on 3.11.2009, a proposal for "Regulatory Control Tariffs" and a 3-year plan for their gradual implementation.
-The Regulatory Control Tariffs, as contemplated in the Ministerial Decision, are reflective of the cost for each customer category and do not anticipate any increase in the total revenue of the Company.
-More specifically, in the case of the tariffs for certain sensitive groups (ex. residential, agricultural, etc.) and in order to avoid increases in these tariffs, PPC proposes the implementation of a certain mechanism, according to which, all the suppliers will contribute, based on their clientele, to the support of these economically sensitive customer groups, something that is currently undertaken only by PPC.

Athens, March 1st, 2010
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