PPC. One with the future

PPC is the leading power generation and supply company in Greece engaged in the generation, distribution and sale of electricity to consumers. It is the largest power supplier in Greece with 6 million. customers all over the country.

Its total installed capacity in Greece is 10,4 GW, with thermal and hydroelectric power plants as well as Renewable Energy Sources (RES) installations. It is the owner of the Distribution Network with a Regulated Asset Base of approximately € 3 billion, which is operated by its subsidiary, HEDNO S.A.

PPC was established in 1950 and has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 2001.

PPC in the new era
PPC is changing in the direction of the energy transformation that is taking place worldwide in the industry, with the aim of playing again a leading role in the Greek market and Southeastern Europe.

Our vision

For 70 years PPC has been a driving force for the development of our national economy. Its establishment, in August 1950, came to change the image of the energy landscape of Greece through the implementation of a particularly crucial national project, the electrification of the country. Today, it pioneers and leads the energy transition, through its transformation and its new strategic plan, in full alignment with the ambitious 2050 climate neutrality goals of the European Union and Greece.

PPC is changing in the direction of the energy transformation that is taking place worldwide in the industry, with the aim of playing again a leading role in the Greek market and Southeastern Europe. It is entering a new phase in which it plans to transform itself into a modern, strongly outward-looking and efficient European energy supply company.

"We have a great and long history, but we are now opening a new chapter, creating value for the benefit of the country, the consumers and naturally the environment. Because PPC is already today #One with the future "

Georgios I. Stassis
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Our Stategy

PPC is redefining itself in order to respond to the challenges of the energy transition through the implementation of its strategic priorities.

The transformation of PPC is based on 3 pillars through which the company’s business plan for the coming years will be implemented:

Implementation of the "Green deal"

in electricity generation by accelerating the decommissioning of lignite power plants and the corresponding mines and highlighting RES as the new dominant energy generation technology. The detailed decommissioning plan includes the removal of polluting lignite plants with a capacity of approximately 3.4 GW by 2023 and in parallel significant investments in RES, aiming at an additional installed capacity of more than 1.5 GW.

Digitization and operational efficiency

to achieve cost reduction synergies and revenue growth by applying new technologies in all PPC’s sectors. The company's digital transformation plan includes network upgrades, with tools such as smart meters, automated switches, GIS systems

Expansion to new activities and value-added products

with a customer-oriented approach both in the retail electricity market and in new business sectors, such as e-mobility. The transformation of the Commercial Operations includes new combined products and flexible packages, as well as high level energy services, following the example of modern electricity suppliers worldwide. With regard to e-mobility, the plan for the installation of the “largest charging stations network” is progressing rapidly and steadily. It envisages the installation of 1,000 charging stations throughout Greece within the next 2-3 years and 10,000 charging stations in the medium term.

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