Solar Energy

Sun is an inexhaustible source of power, which can be, directly or indirectly, converted into electricity.

The photovoltaic systems utilize directly the energy from the sun to convert it into electricity, thanks to the photovoltaic effect. The high solar potential of Greece makes the utilization of the above technology particularly efficient.

In a country with long periods of sunshine, such as Greece, solar power is an inexhaustible energy source. PPC Renewables utilize the energy from the sun to generate electricity through its PV Parks operating on 3 Greek islands, Sifnos, Kithnos and Crete. In fact, the PV Park in Kithnos was created in 1983 and was the-first-of-its-kind Park in Europe.

Photovoltaic park Kythnos
The photovoltaic park of Kythnos, created in 1983, was the first project of its kind to operate in Europe.

In addition, PPC Renewables is close to completing new  Photovoltaic Parks of 200MW in the Ptolemaida Area - one of the largest PV parks in the world while it is developing another PV Park in the area of ​​Megalopolis.

This park will have a total capacity of 50 MW and it is estimated that its power generation will cover 42% of the energy needs of the Prefecture of Arcadia, a percentage which corresponds to 28,000 households.

The contribution of this project to the environment will be invaluable, since 70,000  MWh will be annually generated and the emission of 70,000 tons of CO2, 680 tons of SO2 and 131 tons of NOx will be avoided. The above emblematic projects are an important step for the energy independence of our country.

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