Hybrid Power Generation Systems

Hybrid Power Generation Systems are based on the combination of two different forms of RES: wind energy and hydroelectric energy.

The innovative combination of these two natural resources, as resulting from PPC’s long-term studies, gives a reliable answer to the very important question of storage and controlled distribution of the energy produced.

Naeras, Ikaria
PPC Renewables built the Hybrid Energy Project of Ikaria, the-first-of-its- kind in Europe.

The project consists of the Stravokountoura Wind Farm, the Proespera SHPP and the Kato Proespera SHPP. The hybrid project of Ikaria, named "Naeras", with a total capacity of 6.85 MW, was inaugurated on June 5, 2019.

The entire project has been connected to the electricity network of HEDNO and has been operating since the beginning of 2019. The automated operation of the Project is expected to be completed within 2021; it is pointed out that its generation in 2020 amounted to 2 GWh

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