Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy, or else heat emitted by the earth’s core, is utilized since 1904 to produce “green” power.

The key for electricity generation lies in the geothermal fluids, such as underground sea or other kind of water reservoirs. These fluids are heated in high temperatures, often exceeding 350o C, when  in contact with rocks, already heated by the lava in the earth’s core.


Geothermal fluids extraction, based on advanced technological methods currently available, is used not only for power generation, but also for other uses such as sea water desalination, heating and cooling of buildings, heating of greenhouses, fish farming, etc.

Today, the total capacity of the installed geothermal power plants worldwide exceeds 9,000 MW, making geothermal energy a reliable, accessible and environmentally friendly alternative source of energy.

The development of geothermal energy depends on specific factors, such as depth, geothermal reservoir characteristics, composition and feeding of the geothermal fluid, land use on the ground surface, etc. Electric power generation from geothermal energy is one of the key pillars of Renewable Energy Sources development and is part of the priorities of PPC Renewables’ business plan.

The accumulated experience gained through PPC, which has been conducting  geothermal source surveys since 1973, is a valuable guide for PPC Renewables development in this area.

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