PPC, as an energy leader, responding to its commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection, acknowledged its role in the penetration and development of e-mobility in the country.

In 2020, e-mobility became part of the company's core business activities. Its strategic objective is to position PPC as the most important player in the new e-mobility market by implementing a significant investment plan for the development, management and operation of the largest and most geographically extensive network of publicly accessible chargers in Greece, as well as by providing new, innovative value-added services.

Actions for the promotion of e-mobility and the development of a sustainable transport system are progressing rapidly through the signing of relevant agreements between PPC and various partners, such as supermarket chains, shopping centres, service companies and airports, aiming at jointly undertaking actions to promote and expand e-mobility in the country.

In July 2021, PPC launched the new brand, DEI Blue, for the e-mobility services  provided by PPC as an integrated infrastructure and charging services provider, offering e-moblity solutions to individuals, companies and public administration throughout Greece.

Today, the DEI Blue network, the fastest growing charging network in the country, has already installed more than 400 publicly accessible charging points nationwide. Our goal is to continuously expand the DEI Blue network and multiply the installed base of chargers, with a commitment to install 10,000 chargers over the next 4-5 years at key points of interest across the country.

Moreover, in order to make e-mobility even more environmentally friendly, DEI Blue is committed to supplying electricity to the chargers of the DEI Blue network exclusively from RES, through the PPC's green certificate (GreenPass).

The digital experience of DEI blue

DEI blue offers a fully digital experience, at the heart of which lies the DEI blue application and the website www.deiblue.com, in order to give the DEI blue customers the opportunity to digitally manage their mobility.

DEI Blue also meets customer charging needs for home and business, offering a variety of chargers, including installation, as well as other high-quality products and services. At the same time, PPC Blue's charging equipment meets the requirements for the "E-moving" subsidy.

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