Commercial Operations

The Commercial Business Unit is responsible for the sale of Electricity to consumers of all categories throughout the country. It seeks to secure for PPC the maximum possible market share, through appropriate marketing and pricing policies, as well as appropriate sales promotion and customer communication measures.

The mission of the Unit is to fulfill, on behalf of the Company, the role of Electricity Supplier, with Participants Registry Number 11 XPPCDDE9-----D, in accordance with the legislation.

The development of the Company's commercial activities, apart from the need to adapt to the institutional requirements, was deemed necessary for reasons of a more effective market focus both at the wholesale and retail level.

The aim of this new more efficient organisation is the continuous promotion of sales and the improvement of the quality of services provided to PPC customers, in the new competitive environment.

The strategic objectives of this new Commercial Business Unit are the development of a modern and extensive sales network, secure and easy e-service, the creation of alternative sales promotion channels, the shift to green energy and the development of new products/services.


The perspective of the Commercial Business Unit is purely customer-centric. To this end, it creates products and services that respond to the individual needs of consumers. The sales network is being modernized with a view to delivering enhanced customer service experience. It provides, through advanced technological systems and electronic solutions, easy and secure online services to consumers. 

Customer oriented approach
The perspective of the Commercial Business Unit is purely customer oriented, with products and services that meet individual consumer needs.

We invest in Renewable Energy Sources aiming at sustainability. PPC is the largest supplier of renewable energy in Greece*. Through the add on Green Pass service, PPC provides to consumers a Guarantee of Origin certifying that for the electricity consumed at their premises, PPC generates an equivalent amount of energy from specific certified Renewable Energy Sources and reserves it for the consumer. It also creates tools to help the consumer save energy.

PPC, as a Supplier, provides high quality services at competitive prices for its customers, ensuring with its efficient activities the all-important corporate social responsibility of the Company for the benefit of Society . It also ensures, through its participation in the wholesale market, energy adequacy to meet the demand of PPC S.A.'s customers on the best possible terms.

*Source: 2020 Supplier Mix DAPEEP.

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