Shareholder Information - 23.04.2002

Invitation to an extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of theE SOCIETE ANONYME under the name "PUBLIC POWER CORPORATION S.A."



Societe Anonyme Reg. No 47829/06/B/00/2

Following the company's Board of Directors resolution, in accordance with article 22 of its Articles of Incorporation, all shareholders are invited to an extraordinary general meeting that will take place on Thursday the 6th of June 2002, at 12:00, at DIVANI - KARAVEL Hotel, at 2, M. Alexandrou Street, in Athens, at "ILISSOS" Hall. There will be a discussion and vote for the following issues:

1. Conversion of the nominal value of share and the Company's share capital from Drachmas to Euro according to the Greek Law 2842/2000, following a round up, by way of deduction of the company's share capital and by recording the difference against the special reserve "Differences from conversion of the share capital to Euro" and

2. Amendment of the article 5 of the company's Articles of Incorporation following the aforementioned conversion of the nominal value of share and the Company's share capital to Euro.

3. Ratification of the election of a member of the Board of Directors, replacing a resigned member.

4. Amendment of the article 3 par.1 case (b) of P.D. 333/2000.

5. Entering into an agreement between the Hellenic Republic and Public Power Corporation S.A. by which PPC is granted the right to purchase part of Public Gas Corporation of Greece SA (DEPA) shares from the Hellenic Republic.

The shareholders who wish to participate in the above mentioned extraordinary general meeting should submit, according to the Greek Law and the Articles of Incorporation to the Company's competent office (30 Chalkokondyli str, 5th floor, office 513, Athens) from 10:00 to 13:00, during at least five (5) business days prior to the extraordinary general meeting (i.e. until Friday the 31st if May 2002) the following documents:

a. Those shareholders (owners of dematerialized shares) who act through an administrator (Bank or Securities Company) should block their shares through their administrator and submit to PPC S.A. the respective certificate of their shares being blocked issued by the Central Securities Depository in order to participate in the extraordinary general meeting along with any documents of their representation.

b. Those shareholders (owners of dematerialized shares) who do not act through an administrator, but are registered to the special account, the administrator of which is the Central Securities Depository, should block their shares by a relevant declaration directly to the Central Securities Depository and submit to PPC S.A. the abovementioned certificate along with any documents of their representation.

Athens, 23 April 2002

By order of the Board of Directors
Demetrios V. Papoulias
Chairman of the Board of Directors

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