Shareholder Information - 14.05.2021

Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders on 04.06.2021

- Invitation to the EGM on 04.06.2021

- Clarifications on item 1 of the EGM

- Clarifications on item 2 of the EGM 
- Suitability Policy  for PPC BoD members

- Clarifications on item 3 of the EGM

- BoD Decision 48/13.05.2021 

- Total number of shares and voting rights of the EGM on 04.06.2021

- Postal vote document 

- Proxy document for participating at the EGM

- Proxy document for voting before the EGM

- Protection of Personal Data (GDPR)

- Terms and conditions for the EGM

- Resolutions of the EGM

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