Shareholder Information - 16.06.2010

Addition of a new item in the Agenda of the AGM

Addition of a new item in the Agenda of the AGM

By virtue of its resolution with No. 152/14.06.2010, PPC S.A.'s Board of Directors, following a pertinent petition of the Greek State, acting as a shareholder of the company, owner of the 51,12 % of the company's shares, as per Article 39 par. 2 of Codified Law No. 2190/1920, as currently in force, has decided to include in the items of the Agenda of the Annual Shareholders' Ordinary General Meeting, which shall be held in June 29th, 2010, as additional item No. 7 the below mentioned:
ITEM SEVEN: "Adaptation of article 8 of PPC SA's Articles of Incorporation to the provisions of article 12 par. 18 of Law No. 3851/2010 (Official Gazette, Volume Α', No. 85/04.06.2010). Abolition of paragraphs 2 and 3 of said article 8 and numbering modification of par. 4 to par. 2 hereof".
By virtue of same as above resolution, PPC SA's Board of Directors has decided to propose to the Annual Shareholders' Ordinary General Meeting dated June 29th, 2010, the adaptation, according to the additional Item Seven, of article 8 of the Articles of Incorporation, as aforementioned.

Athens, June 16, 2010

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