Investor Relations - 11.04.2017

Comments on press articles


Commenting on press articles and for the accurate information of the investor’s community, PPC S.A. clarifies that, in the amendment of the draft law of the Ministry of Environment and Energy entitled “Amendments to provisions of the forest regulation and other provisions” which was submitted on April 10, 2017, the exact price for the acquisition by the Public Holding Company IPTO S.A. of the 25% of the IPTO S.A.’s share capital held by PPC S.A. is not determined and that the said price is neither connected to the date of convocation of the Extraordinary General Meeting of PPC S.A.’s shareholders nor to the market value of the share, as applicable at that time.
In order to determine the price of the shares of the 25% of IPTO S.A.’s share capital, as a distinct whole, to be acquired by the Public Holding Company IPTO S.A., a valuation is currently being performed by the company Deloitte.

Athens, April 11, 2017

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