Investor Relations - 06.06.2017

Announcement of Decrease of the Share Capital with Decrease of the Face Value of the Share

Announcement of Decrease of the Share Capital with Decrease of the Face Value of the Share

The company under the name Public Power Corporation S.A. (hereafter “PPC”) announces that the Extraordinary General Meeting of the company’s shareholders, which took place on January 17, 2017, decided the decrease of the company’s share capital by € 491,840,000 with a respective decrease of the face value of its share from € 4.60 to € 2.48 and refund in kind (instead of cash) of one share of the Societe Anonyme under the name “HOLDING Company ADMIE (IPTO) S.A.” and distinctive title “ADMIE (IPTO) HOLDING S.A.” (hereafter “IPTO HOLDING”), former “HOLDING Company ENERGIAKI S.A.” with a face value of € 2.12 each, for one share of PPC (hereafter “corporate action”).
Following the above decrease, the company’s share capital amounts to € 575,360,000, divided into 232,000,000 ordinary registered shares of a face value of € 2.48 each.
The Ministry of Economy & Development by virtue of decision No. 14638/06.02.2017 approved the amendment of the respective clause of the company’s Articles of Incorporation.
The Board of Directors of the Athens Exchange in its meeting dated 06.06.2017 was informed about this corporate action.
Following the above, as from 15.06.2017, PPC’s shares shall be traded in the Athens Exchange without the right to participate in this corporate action. In addition, as from this date, the trading of its shares in the Athens Exchange will be temporarily suspended.
PPC’s shareholders who will be registered in the records of the Dematerialized Security System on 16.06.2017 (record date) will be the beneficiaries of the refund in kind.
PPC’s shares will be traded again in the Athens Exchange with their new face value of € 2.48 per share on the same date when the shares of IPTO HOLDING will start being traded, a date which will become public with a new announcement.
For further information, the shareholders may contact PPC’s shareholders’ services section (tel. +30 210 5293207, Ms. Tsiaka C., Head of Corporate Announcements & Shareholders Services Unit, 30 Halkokondili Str., Athens 10432).

Athens, June 6, 2017

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