Investor Relations - 12.08.2016

Update on settlements plan




PPC S.A. clarifies that, in cases where its customers do not proactively come to settle their overdue bills, but only do so after the Company proceeds with a power cut, in order for the customers to be reconnected, they will need to pay 30% of the amount due and settle the remaining in maximum 8 installments. The Company having exercised all its goodwill, will include these customers in its plan which provides a 15% discount, as long as they pay on time onwards.

Finally, for the avoidance of any misconception, with respect to the new law for Renewables, PPC reiterates that, it will not proceed to an increase of the energy component of its tariffs, which is the only part of the electricity bill that is related to and affected by the Company. All other components of the electricity bill, such as the RES levy, municipality fees etc. are not related to PPC and their level is defined by other entities.


Athens, August 12, 2016

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