Investor Relations - 11.05.2012

Comment on a press article


Commenting on today’s press reports and for providing accurate information to the investor community, PPC underlines that:

1. There are no amounts due to the Operator of the Electricity Market (LAGIE), the Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) - including the lignite levy of €2/MWh - and the Public Gas Corporation (DEPA).

2. Given that PPC has no amounts due to LAGIE, any liquidity issues and amounts due by LAGIE to third parties are not related to PPC.

3. Overdue electricity bills by PPC customers decreased in April, since, as already indicated in Company’s previous announcement dated 20.04.2012, the increase in the rate of power cuts since March resulted in the improvement of the bill collection rate.

4. The collected amount in relation to the Special Levy on Real Estate for March was €205 million.

Athens, May 11, 2012

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