Investor Relations - 03.10.2011

Special levy imposed through electricity bills


PPC S.A. informs that the Law voted on September 27, 2011 concerning the imposition of an extraordinary special levy on buildings connected to the power grid, provides for the following:

- The special levy will be collected, through electricity bills, by PPC SA and the alternative power suppliers for the year 2011 in two (2) equal installments issued by them, from October of the current year until January 2012.

- The amounts of the special levy to be collected by PPC SA and the alternative power suppliers will be rendered to the Hellenic State within a period of twenty days as of the end of the month during which the respective bills were collected. PPC SA and the alternative power suppliers may pay to the Hellenic State advancements against the amounts to be rendered from the collection of said levy and up to 25% of the collectable amount.

- In order to deal with the expenses for the collection of said levy, PPC SA and the alternative power suppliers will deduct 0.25% from the collected amounts.

- In case the levy has not been paid, PPC SA and the alternative power suppliers will proceed to the issuance of a power supply disconnection order for the relative consumer and send it to the Network Operator, which shall proceed to the disconnection; until settlement of the levy payable, the latter may not reconnect it. If there is no request for power reconnection, PPC SA and the alternative power suppliers, following termination of the power supply contract of the consumer, will notify the Hellenic State of the termination, in order to proceed to the collection of the levy payable, in accordance with the provisions of the Code for the Collection of Public Revenues. If the special levy is not paid, the consumer is not allowed to switch power supplier. In case PPC SA or the alternative power supplier has not requested the power supply disconnection, a fine equal to the value of the levy payable increased by 25% shall be imposed to them in favour of the Hellenic State, with the issuance of a relevant Decision by the Minister of Finance.

Athens 30-9-2011

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