Investor Relations - 04.11.2010

Announcement according Law 3556/2007


The Public Power Corporation SA notifies pursuant to Law 3556/2007 and following relative notifications received on November 3, 2010 from "Silchester International Investors LLP" that,
A. On 1st November 2010, Silchester International Investors Limited ("Silchester Limited") transferred its regulated business to Silchester International Investors LLP ("Silchester LLP"). On the same day, "Silchester Limited" changed its name to Silchester Partners Limited. All employees of "Silchester Limited", including all portfolio managers, investment analysts and members, investment analysts and members of its administration and operations teams, became partners or employees of "Silchester LLP". As of 1st November 2010, "Silchester Limited" does not exercise any control over Public Power Corp shares.

B. Silchester International Investors LLP in its capacity as investment manager for the Clients:
- Silchester International Investors International Value Equity Trust,
- Silchester International Investors International Value Equity Taxable Trust,
- Silchester International Investors International Value Equity Group Trust,
- Silchester International Investors Tobacco Free International Value Equity Trust,
- The Calleva Trust,
notifies that their total holdings on November 1, 2010, amounted to 14,783,793 voting rights or 6.37% of PPC's voting rights.

In acting for the Clients, Silchester LLP is given full discretion over their investments and are empowered to vote on their behalf. However, Silchester LLP does not act as the Clients' custodian and therefore shares are not held in Silchester LLP's name but in the name of each Client's custodian bank.

The above notification is triggered by the change in the legal structure of the investment management firm on 1st November 2010 rather than trading activity in the underlying shares.

Athens, November 4, 2010

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