Investor Relations - 29.08.2023

Announcement – Regulated Information according to L. 3556/2007

Athens, August 29, 2023


Public Power Corporation S.A. (“PPC”) announces that, according to the provisions of L. 3556/2007 and the relevant notification received on 25.8.2023 by Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., on 23.8.2023 Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. held indirectly, through controlled legal entities (amongst them Goldman Sachs International with 5.20% of PPC’s voting rights):


(a) 15,135,390 voting rights (or 3.96%) attached to shares according to article 10 of L. 3556/2007, from 19,844,036 (or 5.19%) on 21.8.2023


(b)5,256,074 voting rights (or 1.38%) attached to financial instruments (Securities Lending) according to article 11 par. 1.a) of L. 3556/2007, from 600,504 (or 0.16%) on 21.8.2023 and


(c)10,769 voting rights (or 0.003%) attached to financial instruments (Swaps) with similar economic effect, according to article 11 par. 1.b) of L. 3556/2007, from 10,781 (or 0.003%) on 21.8.2023.


Hence, the total holdings of Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. of PPC’s voting rights (i.e. the total of voting rights attached to shares, the voting rights through financial instruments (Securities Lending) and the voting rights through financial instruments with similar economic effect (Swaps)) amounted on 23.8.2023 to 20,402,233 (or 5.34%) from 20,455,321 (or 5.35%) on 21.8.2023.


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