Investor Relations - 25.06.2019

Consolidated Report on payments to governments (pursuant to L 4548/2008)


PPC S.A., pursuant to the provisions of article 155 and 156 of L 4548/2018, as applicable, informs the investor community that due to its mining activity in lignite fields, its expenses that were recorded for the fiscal year ending on 31.12.2018 amounted to 50 mln euros, on a consolidated basis, out of which 38 mln euros were paid within 2018 to Central Government Bodies, Regional and Local Government Authorities, as well as to Legal Entities governed by private law, which are 100% owned by the State.

The abovementioned amounts break down as follows:

- 25 mln for the Special Lignite Levy (€ 2/ΜWh), out of which 16.1 mln euros were paid within 2018. Moreover, 18.6 mln were paid in 2018 which concerned previous fiscal years.

-22.2 mln expense for the Special Levy for the Development of Industrial Areas where electricity is generated from Lignite Power Plants, which was not paid in 2018.

- € 2.7 mln expense for archaeological excavations, out of which € 2.6 mln were paid in 2018. Moreover, 0.6 mln, which concerned previous fiscal years, were paid in 2018.

- € 0.1 mln expense for other Taxes & Duties, which was paid in full in 2018.

It’s noted that according to the provisions of the case c, paragraph 3 of article 156, of L. 4548/2018, the above amounts do not include the expenses of the two lignite power generation branches, Lignitiki Melitis S.A. and Lignitiki Megalopolis S.A. for the second half of 2018, which were established on the basis of L.4533/2018.

Athens, June 25, 2019

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