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The Occupational Health and Safety Department (OHSD) is the Internal Prevention & Protection Service (IPPS) of our company.

In the context of its operation, the OHSD as an IPPS shall:

  • Coordinate the company's Safety Technicians and Occupational Physicians.
  • Ensure the elaboration of Written Risk Assessment Studies.
  • Be informed of the entries in the books of observations and suggestions of the Safety technicians and Occupational Physicians and ensure that the management of the company is briefed.
  • Arrange and prepare Harmful Factor Measurements and relevant mitigation studies.
  • Ensure the implementation of the Permanent Instructions with regard to Occupational Health and Safety and the Occupational Safety Guidelines by the Company's Units by carrying out Inspections at workplace.
  • Ensure the continuous information and training of the staff of the IPPS, as well as of the entire personnel of the company on matters pertaining to Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Ensure the proper management of existing equipment (measuring and medical-diagnostic) and recommend the procurement of new equipment.
  • Procure and provide the necessary Personal Protective Equipment and appropriate Firefighting Equipment to the Company's Service Units.
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