Human Resources

Health and Safety for third parties

PPC SA takes care for the protection of third parties, whether they are visitors or contractors.

Particularly with regard to contractors’ staff, their contracts contain strict terms for the protection of their staff which exceed the requirements of the applicable national and EU legislation.

PPC SA applies a procedure for the control of suppliers (materials and services) and contractors/subcontractors, who are required to comply with the applicable Occupational Health and Safety Policy, the applicable national and European legislation, the applicable procedures and regulations and, where applicable, additional legislative criteria.

Subcontractors are inspected by the competent PPC executives in order to verify their ability to perform their work in an environmentally friendly manner, ensuring H&S and complying with legislation.

The above inspections are based on the requirements for carrying out these activities, namely:

  • the correct sequence of operations to be followed
  • the adequacy of staff
  • the main parameters that need to be under controlled
  • other matters such as materials to be used, etc.
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