Human Resources

Health and safety for PPC employees

PPC S.A. places particular emphasis on dealing with Occupational Health and Safety issues.

The protective measures and the safety rules applied by PPC S.A. are reflected in its existing organizational structure and its activities, such as:

  • The Occupational Health and Safety Department (OHSD deals with centralized Health and Safety issues, in cooperation with the competent Service Units of PPC SA and has the responsibilities of the Internal Protection and Prevention Service (IPPS).
  • Service Units within the Divisions/Business Units ensure the coordination of the units on occupational health and safety issues.
  • The Health & Safety Policy implemented by PPC SA is supported nationwide by approximately 70 Safety Technicians, 35 Occupational Physicians and 75 Nurses, as well as 10 Social Workers and 3 Psychologists.
  • The role of the Safety Technicians is enhanced. In several cases they have taken up positions at the hierarchical level of Assistant Director, Head of Section or Subsection.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Committees (OSH Committees) are in place and intervene representing employees on the issues in question.
In summary, the activities of the OHSD are as follows:

Practice of Occupational Medicine in PPC

  • Prevention of occupational diseases
  • Periodic preventive check-ups
  • 35 Occupational physicians
  • 19 medical practices at workplaces
  • 30 ambulances in workplaces
  • Provision of training and information material

Provision and Support of Safety Technicians

  • Safety Technicians at all facilities
  • Technical support and training of Safety Technicians
  • Provision of training and information material
  • Ensure that applicable legislation, regulations and provisions are implemented

Studies, specifications, instructions

  • Preparation of Occupational Risk Assessment Studies
  • Preparation of Emergency Response Plans
  • Preparation of waste characterisation studies
  • Preparation & updating of specifications for personal protective equipment and safety materials
  • Drafting & updating of safety instructions

Measurements of Harmful Factors

  • Carrying out measurements of physical agents
  • Carrying out measurements of chemical agents
  • Modern professional measuring instrumentation

Staff training in occupational health and safety

  • Health and Safety seminars for all categories of staff
  • Printed and electronic information and training material
  • Lending library, branch of the PPC Central Library

Health and Safety Inspections

  • Scheduling of health and safety inspections
  • Conduct of health and safety inspections
  • Preparation of inspection reports
  • Monitoring and announcement of inspection findings

Provision of Personal Protective Equipment and Firefighting Equipment

  • Supply of personal protective equipment and fire-fighting equipment
  • Supply of all Departments of the Company
  • Alignment of specifications with the legislation in force

Accidents at work

  • Recording of all accidents and near misses that occur in PPC's facilities
  • Analysis of the causes of accidents
  • Preparation of an annual accident report
  • Compilation of a statistical analysis of accidents

Psychosocial service

  • Social support for employees and their families
  • Conduct of social surveys
  • Psychological support for employees
  • Counselling services


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