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Reinforcement of local entrepreneurship by assigning construction projects to local contractors and by supplying the necessary materials from the local market in order to enhance the local economy.

- The criterion of residential proximity is applied for the recruitment of personnel in power plants and lignite mines in order to restrain the migratory flow within Greece or to other countries.

- The use of land is allocated freely so as to support Municipalities, such as the Municipalities of Western Macedonia and Megalopoli, where power is generated, for the social and economic growth of the regions as well as for the enhancement of the local entrepreneurship.

- Actions for contributory benefits are taken in local communities where construction projects are elaborated (cementation, provision of dismantled steel, use of machinery).

- Conditions are created for the development of alternative business activities irrespective of PPC activity framework so as to provide evident beneficiary results for the creation of new job positions and for general economic growth of the areas.

- Development of infrastructure in areas where PPC is activating (construction of roads, deviations and tanks, restoration of water supply, signaling and illumination installation, promotion of natural beauty sceneries, etc).

- Provision of know-how to the Municipalities of the country about issues that concern road and building illumination with primary goal to save power.

- Clear felling within the framework of road construction in forests is realized by the Company Units in collaboration with the local authorities and timber is distributed to the local forest associations free of charge.

- Payment of countervailing duty for the development of industrial regions of electrical power generation in the Municipalities of Florina, Kozani and Arkadia. Indicatively, it is noted that, for the period between 1997 and 2009, the provision of support reached the amount of 202 million Euros to the regions where lignite activity is developed.

- Realization of investments for the generation of energy in the form of hot water for district teleheating as an attempt to assure a clean economic and environmental way of residential heating.

- Contribution to the management of water resources and to the satisfaction of water needs of the communities located within the wider area where the Company is activating (free water supply from artificial lakes of PPC for the purposes of irrigation of agricultural cultivations and for water supply, flood protection through dams of hydroelectric projects, protection from water shortage and droughts).

- Encouragement of social or cultural initiatives in local communities particularly in areas where PPC presence is intense (mines, power plants). This policy is integrated to a wider granting program.

- Possibilities of work to students from Technological institutions within the framework of their training course.

- Multilateral contribution to the improvement of the educational program of the country (with the realization of conferences and seminars with direct or indirect participation, grants to schools, etc).
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