The West Macedonia Lignite Center (WMLC) supplies lignite to TPPs in the Kozani-Florina region, which generates power to meet the country’s needs in energy. The lignite mines of West Macedonia and the corresponding TPPs represent PPC’s and the country’s largest Energy Center.

The West Macedonia Lignite Center (WMLC) has been certified according to ISO 14001:2015 for its Environmental Management System, already since 2007. The Scope of the WMLC Environmental Management System covers the operations of all individual Operational Units (Plants and Support) and their Sections that manage or are otherwise involved in the environmental aspects of the operations. 

The WMLC Environmental Policy covers all operations, namely:  

  • The Mines: Main Field Mine, Kardia Field Mine, Southern Field Mine, Amyntaio Field Mine, Florina Mine
  • Central Maintenance Section crews for fixed and auxiliary equipment
  • ΤThe Environment and Land Use Unitον Κλάδο Περιβάλλοντος και Χρήσεων Γης.
  • The Environment and Land Use Unit
  • The facilities of WMLC Departments and Units.

The Environmental Policy  is based on the following axes:  

  1. Strict adherence to Community and National environmental Legislation
  2. Compliance with the approved Environmental Terms of Mining Operations
  3. Application of the  Best Available International Practices from similar mining activities to prevent, control and mitigate pollution
  4. Communication with and timely information to the authorities, stakeholders and citizens and cooperation with the former in environmental issues
  5. Rational exploitation and use of lignite deposits and sound management of other natural resources (water, energy, etc.)
  6. Minimization of harmful air emissions, wastewater and solid waste and maximization of the re-use and recycling of materials
  7. Development and implementation of realistic information and awareness programs among WMLC staff on environmental issues with a view to prevent and constantly improve the environment.

Therefore, in assuming the duty to protect and rehabilitate the environment, the WMLC implements a comprehensive Environmental Policy which, apart from the exploitation of lignite, aims at the regeneration of final soil surfaces into woodland or farmland, sound water management and full restoration of flora, fauna and soil fertility. 

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