We are committed to environmental protection as a basic pillar on the way to achieving a sustainable growth model.

Strategy & Actions for the Environment

The environmental dimension is integral to every facet of our strategy. Aside from complying with community and national environmental legislation, PPC takes additional initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint across its activities, with particular emphasis on lignite mining and power plant areas.

PPC Ecofest 2021

Environmental protection is a key priority and commitment for PPC Management as one of three pillars to achieve a sustainable growth model, together with competitiveness and security of supply.  

In this context, the environmental dimension is an integral part of every aspect of PPC strategy. Aside from complying with community and national environmental legislation, the Company takes several additional initiatives and measures to reduce its environmental footprint across its activities with particular emphasis on lignite mines and power plants.

PPC’s environmental strategy is in line with the mid- and long-term targets of Greece, the European Union, as well as the international community at large with regard to combating climate change and meeting the Paris Agreement goals.    

The axes of PPC’s Environmental Strategy are the following: tackling climate change, protecting air, waters, soils and biodiversity, achieving raw material and energy savings, reducing the generation of waste and managing waste in the spirit of circular economy, research and innovation.  

The Company invests in developing low emission technologies and increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the generation of power (through PPC Renewables and in cooperation with other private investors). PPC’s new Business Plan promotes, inter alia, the immediate implementation of EU’s new development strategy, the “Green Deal” in power generation, having as for primary goal to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by: 

  • speeding up the withdrawal of lignite-fired power plants, and closing and rehabilitating the respective mines
  • promoting RES as the new dominant technology in power generation
  • assuming a leading role in the development of E-Mobility in Greece.

In addition to legal prescriptions, PPC participates in several voluntary initiatives and research projects and takes related actions that make a positive contribution to environmental protection.  

The actions implemented by PPC to this date contributed decisively in overfulfilling the country’s current climate targets and steadily reducing greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions to an impressive extent.   

The protection of Biodiversity is integrated into the planning of the company in the areas where it operates, thus contributing to EU efforts to curtail the loss of Biodiversity and rehabilitate ecosystems.  

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