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ERT (Greek Radio and Television) fee (Law 4324/29.04.15)

ERT (Greek Radio and Television) fee (Law 4324/29.04.15)

According to L. 4324 /29.04.2015 (GREEK GOVERNMENT GAZETTE), the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation Societe Anonyme (E.R.T. S.A.) is formed again.

According to the Law, all electricity suppliers, such as PPC, are obliged to collect through electricity bills the countervailing duty for ERT S.A..
The amount of the countervailing duty is up to 3€ monthly (that is, 36€ annually) per power supply and is calculated in each bill issued by the electricity suppliers for the equivalent time period.

The following are exempted from ERT amounts:

1. Meters that refer to shared areas of block of apartments
2. The Greek State
3. Legal persons governed by public Law
4. Local Authorities
5. Christian Churches of all kinds, temples and places of worship as well as cemeteries
6. Supplies that power irrigating, livestock and poultry units
7. Customers’ electricity bills the electricity consumption of which does not exceed the amount of 10€ monthly. When the electricity consumption is small or zero, the ERT duty is not charged in electricity bills.

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