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15% Discount

15% Discount

From 1st of July we provide to our consistent customers a discount of 15% on the value of the Electricity Usage Charges on their bill!   

1.  What does the discount of 15% refer to?

A discount of 15% is provided on the Electricity Usage Charges of the electricity bill for all consistent customers.

Specifically, all commercial customers with tariffs: Residential Γ1 and ΓΝ, Professionals with Low Voltage Γ21, Γ22 and Γ23 tariffs and Middle Voltage ΒΓ, ΒΧ and ΒΥ tariffs who pay the whole amount of their bill as well as possible installments referring to arrangement of their obligations within the defined expiration date, will receive in the next bill a discount of 15% on the value of the Electricity Usage charges for the previous bill that was already paid within the deadline.

Customers who are not integrated are those who are already included in tariff privileges, such as, customers with Social Residential Tariff, Social Solidarity services tariff, Large Family Tariff ΓΤ, plan of extreme poverty, Agricultural Tariff and PVs with net metering.

However, if the beneficiaries of the Social Residential Tariff (KOT) are not billed with KOT prices for a specific four-month period, because they exceeded the consumption limits of their category but they are included in one of the Residential Tariffs (Γ1 or Γ1Ν), they will receive the amount of the 15% discount for the specific actual bill provided that they are consistent.  

2.    How the discount is applied

For each actual bill that will be issued after 01.07.2016, provided that it is paid within the deadline (including possible installments), the discount of 15% will be included in the next bill.

3.  I am consistent but my actual bill that is issued on 15.07.2016 does not include the amount of 15% discount.

This is reasonable because the programme is initiated for the payment of bills with issuance date starting from 01.07.2016, that is, if your actual bill that was issued on 15.07.2016 is paid within the deadline then the 15% discount referring to the electricity usage charges will appear (credited) automatically on the next bill (actual bill) that is paid within the deadline.

4.  I am consistent but the actual bill that was issued on 15.07.2016 does not include the amount of 15% discount but a credit amount as 10% Refund.

From the 1st of April, the “Consistency” Reward Programme for the consistent professionals and businesses   has been initiated referring to 10% refund on the value of the Electricity Usage Charges on their bill. So, the 10% refund appearing on your bill refers to your reward based on the specific programme.   

However, from the 1st of July, the programme has been modified and we provide to all consistent customers, professionals, businesses and households, a discount of 15% on the value of the Electricity Usage Charges on their bill.

5.    Which are the conditions

The conditions for the provision of 15% discount are the following:

- you should pertain in one of the customers’ categories with tariffs : Γ1, Γ1Ν, Γ21, Γ22, Γ23, ΒΓ, ΒΧ or ΒΥ.
- you should pay each bill (Estimated and Actual) within the deadline until the expiration date
- you should pay at the same time possible installments within their due date 

Provided that I am consistent and I fulfill the conditions, do I have to submit an application form to PPC?

No, it is an automated process. Provided that your bill is paid within the deadline including possible installments for that period, then the amount of the discount will be credited on your next bill automatically.

7.    How the amount of 15% is calculated?

The discount of 15 % refers to Electricity Usage Charges of the Actual Bill that is paid within the deadline, that is: 

- for customers with Γ1, Γ1Ν tariff, the amount of 15% refers to the amount of fixed charge, the energy value
- for customers with Γ21, Γ22 and Γ23 tariffs, the amount of 15% refers to the amount of fixed charge, the energy value and the capacity value (if calculated) and
- for customers with ΒΓ, ΒΧ and ΒΥ tariffs, the amount of 15% refers to the amount of the energy value, the capacity value and the CO2 value.

8. How will the discount appear on the bill?

In the field that refers to the bill charge analysis (back page), the discount will appear next to the phrase «Έκπτωση 15%». (15% discount).

9. If the bills are paid by their due date (that is on the last day of the deadline date) in one of the points of payment (e.g. Hellenic Post –ELTA-, Super Market, ATMs), is it considered that the payment was realized within the deadline?  

Yes, it is considered that they are paid within the deadline provided that they are paid until the date of expiration.

10. Why does the amount of discount refer only to the Electricity Usage Charges and not to the Regulated Charges?

Because only the Electricity Usage Charges are related to PPC and on those charges the refund is calculated, while the Regulated Charges are defined by the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) and the State based on the relative Ministerial Decisions and they are applied on all customers, irrespective of the Electricity Supplier selected.

11. I get Actual and Estimated Bills (Γ21, Γ1, Γ1Ν tariffs). How the 15% discount is calculated?

The calculation of the 15% discount is realized on each Actual Bill paid within the deadline (if the Estimated bill is paid by its due date as well) and the amount of discount appears on the next bill (either Estimated or Actual). 

The discount is not calculated on the Estimated Bill because it refers to a bill based on estimation in which the analysis of charges are not mentioned.

Of course, it is imperative that the bills must be paid within the deadline.

12. Example of the discount calculation for a consistent customer with
Γ22 tariff

 Charges for July 2016:  
 Fixed Charge   0.49€
 kWh 2398X0.08259€/kWh  198.05€  
 kW 14X1.10000€/kW   15.62€  
 ELECTRICITY USAGE CHARGE:                                 214.16€  Discount Calculation (214.16*15%=32.12€)


 Charges for August 2016: (including the discount of 15%)  
 Fixed Charge       0.49€  
 kWh 1957X0,08259€/kWh   161.63€
 kW 13X1.10000€/kW   13.75€  
 Discount 15%      -32.12€  
 ELECTRICITY USAGE CHARGE:   143.75€  Discount Calculation (175.87*15%=26.8€)

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