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Residential Tariffs

Residential Tariffs

In order to facilitate and support our customers during these difficult times due to coronavirus, we have expanded and enhanced the financial relief measures from 1.10.2020 until 31.12.2020:

• Abolition of the fixed fee in all Low Voltage tariffs,

• Abolition of the 2nd tier of the electricity charge in Residential Tariffs (Γ1, Γ1Ν) which is equivalent to an 8% discount.

• Granting of an additional discount of 8% on the supply charge to Vulnerable Customers (other than SRT) in categories B & C

• Increase in the discount granted on each paperless bill, from 5€ per bimonthly bill and 2,5€ per monthly bill, to 10€ per bimonthly bill and 5€ per monthly bills

Continue to provide the 5% discount to the customers that are consistent to their bill payments

For more information on the new relief measures click here

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