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Changing Supplier

Changing Supplier

If you want to change Electricity Supplier and return to PPC, you should address to a PPC office or dial the customer service number 11770, so as to sign the new Power Supply Contract under your name submitting the following documents: 
  • An electricity bill issued by the current Supplier 
  • Metering indications 
  •  Identity card (or another official relevant document) 
  •  Document proving your Tax Identification Number (bearing any public document e.g. income tax notice)
  •  Additionally, for your own assurance, it is possible to need either the document proving the submission of Statement of information on property lease or a copy of the contract of ownership.

NOTE: If the new Power Supply Contract is under the natural person’s name that is the same with the one registered in the system of the Network Operator (HEDNO) as stated by the current Supplier, then, according to RAE, there is no need to check for the Licensed Electrician Certification. If the new Contract will be concluded under a different name, then a Licensed Electrician Certification is required, provided that the previous one has expired according to the Regulation on Internal Electrical Installations.

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