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Switching Power Supplier

Switching Power Supplier

If you wish to switch back to PPC, you may visit any of our PPC Sales Offices or call our Customer Support on 11770, in order to sign a new Power Supply Contract in your name.

It is necessary that any previous overdue bills to PPC should have been paid off or entered into a debt repayment plan.

The following supporting documents are required:

• the latest electricity bill of your current Supplier paid off or entered into a debt repayment plan

• your meter reading/s

• a photocopy of your ID card or passport (or other official proof of identity)

• proof of your Tax ID No (photocopy of any public document such as. income tax return form, ΤΙΝ assignment certificate, property rental data statement from TAXIS)

• proof of your relation with the property, eg. print of the electronic lease contract as accepted by the counterparty (Taxisnet document), print of the title deeds or extract from the property data statement (E9 form).

By signing a new Power Supply Contract, you need to pay a deposit. In order to find out more about the amount of the deposit, you may contact the Customer Support by calling on 11770 and providing us with either the Supply Number of your property or the Contract Account Number.

In the event that the supply contract is signed by an authorised person, the authorization, original or photocopy, certified by the Police Station or by the Citizens’ Service Centre (KEP), together with the ID card or passport of the authorised person are required.

NOTE: As long as the new Power Supply Contract remains in the same natural person’s name with the one entered into the HEDNO database, as declared by your current Supplier, no Solemn Declaration of the Electrical Installer (YDE) is required. However, in the event of signing of a new Power Supply Contract in a different name, then the submission of the Solemn Declaration of an Electrical Installer to HEDNO is required in the event that the previous one has expired. In order to find the expiration date of the YDE, you may visit the website of HEDNO, www.deddie.gr.

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