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Shared Areas

Shared Areas

Electricity bills for the shared areas of apartment buildings need to be issued for the “Apartment building shared areas” and should not relate to a specific building administrator or construction company.

The building administrator is responsible for signing the Power Supply Contract.

Τhe building administrator needs to contact the Customer Service Line by calling 11770 or can visit any PPC branch, to sign a new Power Supply Contract for the apartment building’s shared areas.

He/she should submit the following documents:

  • an electricity bill, or alternatively he/she will need to know the supply number of the property
  • a decision reached by the apartment building’s general meeting, appointing him/her as building administrator and authorising him/her to sign a new Supply Contract.
  • his/her ID card
  • proof of the building’s Tax ID No., if applicable (this can take the form of any public document featuring that number).
  • a certificate from the local municipality on property tax exemption.

When he/she signs the new Power Supply Contract, he/she will need to pay the guaranteeTo find out more about the guarantee payable, he/she can contact the Customer Service Line by calling 11770 and quoting the Supply Number for the property or the contract account number.

NOTE: If the electrical fitter’s solemn declaration (licenced electrician’s certificate) has expired then he/she needs to submit a recent electrical fitter’s solemn declaration to the local HEDNO office within 6 months. If there is no power supply at the property, because the previous user applied to disconnect it, he/she you will need to submit an electrical fitter’s solemn declaration (licenced electrician’s certificate) to HEDNO immediately in order to be reconnected. 

In addition, HEDNO needs to be provided with a recent electrical fitter’s solemn declaration for the lift, if the previous one has expired (they are valid for 2 years).

One of the Business tariffs will be offered for the shared areas. Click here to learn more about the current tariffs for professionals and businesses

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