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Shared Areas

Shared Areas

The block manager is responsible for signing the Power Supply Contract; he/she may call our Customer Support on 11770 or visit any PPC Sales Office, in order to sign a new Power Supply Contract under the name “MANAGEMENT OF APARTEMENT BLOCK”.

He/she shall provide to the competent PPC employee the Tax ID Number of the apartment block, if any, and shall submit the following supporting documents:

• Supply Number of the property: electricity bill of the property or any other document issued by HEDNO (DEDDIE) on which the supply number of the property is shown.

• excerpt from the minutes of the general meeting of the owners of the apartments based on which he/she is appointed as block manager and is authorized to sign the new Power Supply Contract.

• photocopy of his/her ID card or passport.

• photocopy of the certificate issued by the competent municipality for property tax exemption (TAP).


Βy signing the new Power Supply Contract, you must pay a deposit amount. To find out more about the deposit amount, you can call our Customer Support on 11770 providing the Supply Number of the property or the Contract Account Number.

You can get information about the validity of the Electrical Installer’s Solemn Declaration/licensed electrician’s certificate by visiting HEDNO’s website, www.deddie.gr and also learn whether the Electrical Installer’s Solemn Declaration for the elevator is valid (valid for two years).

One of the Business Tariffs applies to shared areas. Learn more about the current Business Price Lists.

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