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To sign a new Power Supply Contract with PPC you can call PPC Customer Support, on 11770, or visit any PPC Sales Office providing us with your Tax ID Number and submitting the following supporting documents:

- photocopy of your ID card or passport or residence permit/stay permit.

- your property’s Supply Number: electricity bill or any other document issued by HEDNO (DEDDIE) on which the supply number of the property is shown or proof of your relation with the property.

An authorized person may carry out the aforementioned procedure on your behalf, provided that he/she submits the following supporting documents: 

• authorization (original or photocopy) certified by the Police Station or the Citizens’ Service Centre (KEP) or the competent Supervising Authority (e.g. Εmbassy, Public Body, Church).

• ID Card or passport or residence permit/stay permit.

It is noted that the same procedure shall also apply in the event that the previous user had requested power supply disconnection.


In case of overdue debts for the power supply for which you are going to sign the contract, it may be required to submit a proof of your relation with the property, as per case, or the payment receipt

By signing the new contract it is required to pay a deposit amount. To find out more about the deposit amount, you can call our Customer Support on 11770 providing the Supply Number of the property or the Contract Account Number. 

For information on the validity of the Electrical Installer’s Solemn Declaration/licensed electrician’s certificate of your property, you can visit HEDNO’s website, www.deddie.gr.

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